29 June 2016




The  Ghana-Turkey Corporation and  Development Association (TUDEC) in collaboration with Galaxy School has honoured four distinguished Ghanaians for their role in championing peace in the country at a Dinner held in Accra.


DSC_8524The dinner dubbed, Peace and Dialogue Iftar is organized annually during the month of Ramadan to bring members of all religious groups on a round table to discuss matters of peace in the world whilst observing the Muslim fast breaking.


The Managing Director of TUDEC, Mr Yussuf  Temizkhan in his welcoming address indicated that this year’s event was special because of the inclusion of the Peace Awards.

He added that the peace award was meant to encourage Ghanaians to spearhead dialogue as means of achieving peace, because it is through peace that the real human potential could be realized.

He emphasized the need for love and tolerance among all people of the world, saying that TUDEC and the Galaxy School were committed to creating platforms for dialogue on peace, love and tolerance.

He congratulated all the awardees for the hard earned awards and expressed the hope that their commitment to peace would never end.

He recounted the various dialogue sections organized by the NGO in collaboration with other institutions expecially the 2015 inernational conference held under the theme “ LOVE AND TOLERANCE:PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE IN DIVERSITY”.


Speakers at the peace conferance Organized by TUDEC and National Peace CuncilThe  conference drew various dignitaries from all coners of the world, including John Pahl;professor of history at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Scott C Alexander;Associate Professor of Islamic studies,Hakan Yesilover of the fountain Magazine, Most Rev. Palmer –Buckle,Rt Rev, Dr. Daniel Torto Sylvanus and Dr NUhu Sharubtu;he national chief Imam of Ghana and a host of others.

The main objective of that conference was to generate a platform of discussion among participants to instantiate the necessity of dialougue at personal,social as well as as interfaith or inter-ethnic dialogue for mutual understanding.

The dignitaries thrilled the conference with powerful speeches on their commitment to peace and dialogue.

Mr. Yussuf Temizkhan noted that the various speeches and discourse that took place at the 2015 international conference had been put together as a book. The book was edited by Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante of the peace council and  lunched at yet another love and tolerance dialogue forum in 2016, at the Labadi Beach Hotel. He announced that copies of the book could be obtained free of charge at the Peace and Dialougue Iftar.

He concluded that, TUDEC’S commitment to this course would never extinguish but would culminate in a much more award in future.


DSC_8539The awardees included Hon. Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, a minister of state at the presidency, and Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of The National Peace Council. Others were the National Chief Imam, Dr. Shiekh Usman Nuhu Sharubtu and Bishop Daniel Torto, a bishop of the Anglican Church.



Dr. Rashid Pelpuo expressed happiness for the award and encouraged TUDEC to continue their good works, adding that he has never regretted associating with the NGO. He indicated that The Flag staff house is also proudly associated with TUDEC in their tumultuous move for peace and dialogue. He recalled his encounter with all the dignitories at the 2015 conference, and the heartwarming discourse that took place and concluded that all organisations, both foriegn and local, religious or otherwise must emulate the concern and love that TUDEC is showing  to mankind.


Dr. Emmanuel AsanteIn a message read on his behalf, The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante thanked TUDEC for the honour done him. He said, “Peace is central to the development of every nation and every individual or group that is committed to the promotion of peace, stability and coexistence is worth supporting”. Therefore the commitment of TUDEC in this regard is worth supporting by all the people of Ghana.

He rietrated his unending desire to associate with TUDEC in its continued effort at encouraging dialogue and promoting peace. He further indicated that he wish TUDEC well in all its endeavours.


On his part, Bishop Daniel Torto of the Anglican Church praised TUDEC for their continued effort at encouraging dialogue as a means of settling differences. He added that TUDEC has become the champion of peace and dialogue, a fate that must continue till eternity. He noted that the world has become a global village with the aid of advanced technology hence its inevitable that people of different nationalities, races and religions cannot escape living and working together. Therefore in our diversity, dialogue, love and tolerance must be the thermometer.


Sheikh Armiyawu, the spokesperson of the National Chief Imam, in his usual lucid words, enumerated series of reasons for which there was no option for anyone than to dialogue. According to him if peace is not an option violence can never be an option too. Differences in human is inevitable, because that is the unquestionable natural phenomenom created by our maker. We can not change the differerences,so we must live with it, therefore the only stablising factor is dialogue.

To him TUDEC has become the beacon of hope for all Ghanaians, and for all the people of the world. TUDEC has become the leader in peace, unity, love and tolerance and therefore everybody must support TUDEC in this regard. He thanked TUDEC for the award and reiterated the chief Imam’s commitment to making peace in Ghana.


DSC_8579Former Greater Accra Regional Minister, Sheikh IC Quaye, indicated that both Muslims and Christians are one. They worship one God and have the same prophets and must therefore tolerate each other.


The Ghana Ambassador to Egypt was particularly excited that TUDEC brought together members of different religions on the same dining table, an initiative that can never be dreamt of in other jurisdictions. He recalled how he was reprimanded by someone in another country for attending a Christian programe, and he told that person that in Ghana Christians and Muslims live side by side in peace and hamorny. Therefore he was filled with nastalgia seeing Christian and Muslims on the same table observing the Iftar, he was not only vindicated he was also proud that a Turkish organization put this together.


The participants drawn from diverse background were full of praises to TUDEC for putting together that initiative.

The program ended with a consensus that peace is indispensable and dialogue is the only true path to it.




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