23 August 2017

Traffic light on ‘crutches’ removed from Independence Ave.

The broken traffic light in front of the Cal Bank head office annex, just off the Ako Adjei Interchange, was slowly becoming a regular sight for commuters on the Independence Avenue till personnel from the company managing the traffic lights stepped in.

That traffic light had been in that state after a truck carting tubers of yam rammed into it on the morning of Friday, August 18.

The truck’s brakes were said to have failed a few meters to the traffic light and the driver veered onto the pavement hitting the light, and also running into a Cal Bank bullion van that was parked in front of the bank.

Pictures of the traffic light, which was still working, emerged on social media showing it being supported by three tree branches and some stones.

An examination of the traffic light showed a significant dent in the lower regions of the pole with bolts holding fastening it to the ground severely compromised hence the need for the support from branches which were ostensibly acting as crutches.



The traffic light was leaning away from traffic at almost a 60-degree angle, but there was no indication the positioning of the traffic light inconvenienced drivers.

Shortly after Citi News visited the scene, personnel from Angel Telecom, the company managing the traffic light system in Accra, had come to begin repair works.

The personnel indicated that they way made aware of the situation on Tuesday, August 22.



The personnel from Angel Telecom also noted that they would have to disable the accompanying traffic lights, adjacent to the one they were removing, to prevent any confusion between pedestrians and drivers.

The personnel added that officers from the (Motor Traffic and Transport Unit) MTTU would be called in to manage traffic on that part of the road.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/citifmonline.com/Ghana

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