10 February 2017

Trading sex for job; Man confesses, women recount experiences on Joy


In a no holds barred encounter  on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Friday, a man, women shared chilling, annoying and emotionally traumatizing episodes of how sex is traded for jobs, promotion and other favours in the murky world of work.

Three women shared their encounters with their prospective employers or rather sex addicts. One of them submitted to pressure of not having a job and gave in to the demands but the two others held on, stood firm, with one of them even going to CHRAJ to fight the injustice. The case that has been pending for the last 20 years.

But how does this whole episode of sex for job begins and what role do men play in it?

A man, whose identity was kept anonymous walked listeners through his his years of experience weaving his way through the pants of women- married and single- promising jobs and promotion and sometimes providing none.

He told the annoying story of how his job of interviewing women for jobs turned into a career of sleeping with women with some of them applying for his services out of fear of being thrown out of their existing jobs or hungry for promotion.

He sounded more like an alpha but he got many listening ears churning in their stomachs, emotions rushing angrily to a tipping point and some of the women calling into the show and itching to give him a punch if they ever came into contact with him.

And while they boiled in anger after listening to the anonymous career sex addict some quickly switched into the sympathy mood after hearing Nancy’s story of how she was promised, used, dumped and left poorer than she was before the promise came.

She was promised a job, an apartment and a small car by her prospective employer on condition of a bout of sex. She cooked, served, dished and offered herself in addition to the employer who enjoyed everything but gave nothing.

She wanted the job badly so she could fend for herself and her mother who virtually pushed her into getting a job no matter the consequence.

She finally gave in to the depressing offer of sex for job and now feels used and empty. She lost her dignity and even, nearly lost her panty too.  She is counting on hope and the grace to take her through an episode she would never forget in her life.

But the story of Esinam was quite different from that of Nancy. She had a job and a sex addict of a supervisor to deal with.

He made many tempting offers, promised to change her world, if only Esinam would be willing to share his bed.

And while Esinam found the offers tempting but rejected them, Enam, another victim of sexual harrassment at the world of work was angered by similar advances.

She took the matter to CHRAJ and for two decades the case is still pending.



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