03 July 2017

Tories must treat the electorate as grown-ups and point out reality — not try to beat the hard Left on its own terms

Show true grit

DAMIAN Green, the man who is effectively now the Deputy Prime Minister, says there “may well” need to be a national debate about cutting tuition fees.

Other ministers pile in every day with demands for more spending — as if the £52billion deficit no longer matters.

PA:Press Association

First Secretary of State Damian Green has called for a national debate about tuition fees[/caption]

The unexpected appeal of Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto has thrown the Tories into panic. Some seem to think the best way for them to respond is to copy it.

One word sums up that idea: suicidal.

It would be suicidal for the Conservatives to try to beat the hard Left on its own terms. They’d rightly be treated with derision.

But more importantly, it would be suicidal for the country.

Labour’s manifesto was built around bribing people with money the country doesn’t have. We still don’t have it. And it’s the Conservatives’ responsibility to treat the electorate as grown-ups and point out reality.

Take student fees. Jeremy Corbyn says they stop people from low-income backgrounds going to college.


Jeremy Corbyn’s promises are based on money the country doesn’t have[/caption]

That’s simply not true. The evidence shows the exact opposite: more kids from low-wage households have gone to college since fees were introduced.

Paying fees out of taxation simply subsidises the middle classes, which is why fees are fairer all round.

But if even the Tories are now in retreat from economic sanity, we really are heading for disaster.
The Conservatives need to keep their nerve.

Cap popped

Theresa May
One of Theresa May’s manifesto pledges was to create fair energy pricing

IT NOW looks certain that the Government’s energy price cap will barely be worth bothering with.

Instead of a state-enforced tariff that would protect 17million homes, or a pledge to transfer customers to the cheapest tariff, the most likely outcome is to have just a cap for “vulnerable” households on prepayment meters.

The Government will say it is honouring its manifesto promise. But no one will be taken in. Rip-off energy prices are a huge issue for almost everyone — and our politicians can do far more than this.

Theresa May tells The Sun she's 'fed up with rip-off energy prices' and will cap bill rises

Brits are a hit

TO LISTEN to the Remainers, Britain is an insignificant little island that’s dependent on the EU for any global prestige.

But a new poll shows how wrong that is.

The farther away from the EU people are, the more they value the UK.

Less than half of people in the EU say that our role is important and useful. But three-quarters of people in India, the US and South Africa see us as a good influence.

The truth is that when we leave the EU, our global influence will be even higher.

Theresa May wants to 'build a new, deep and special partnership' between the UK and the EU during Brexit
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