18 August 2017

Top business author to lead Culture Summit in Accra – Starr Fm

Ghanaian business executives will have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to build organizational culture that drives employee engagement, giving them a competitive advantage and increased business performance at a one-day seminar with international business author Colin J Browne.

The Culture Summit West Africa takes place at the African Regent Hotel in Accra on August 22, from 10h00 to 16h30. It is organized by Liquorish Inc, working with key sponsors: Ghana South Africa Business Chamber, Starr FM and Sallet Foundation.

Author of the best-selling ‘How to build a Happy Sandpit’, Colin J Browne is also the founder of the Happy Sandpit think tank, which helps companies overcome their barriers to excellent employee engagement, increasing loyalty, performance, accountability and the spread of leadership behaviours throughout the organization.

“Creating and nurturing culture that drives performance, loyalty and engagement should be top of the list of goals for any organisation, but the challenge for leaders is to know what to do, and where to start doing it,” says Browne.

In response to that, the Culture Summit will offer a maximum of 150 business leaders and executives, the opportunity to learn what great Southern African and Ghanaian businesses are doing, sharing lessons and ideas that all businesses can implement for themselves.

“Culture isn’t an operational response to solving a company’s challenges or boosting its performance. In point of fact, an operational response is often the very last thing that is needed for companies that struggle to get the most sought after behaviours from their employees,” says Browne.

“Culture instead offers a new perspective: how can we create and build a scenario in which employees make the daily choice to go beyond what is expected and deliver their best performance by choice, through a change in the relationship they have with their work, their workplace, their colleagues, managers and executives?”

The day will feature presentations by Mr Browne, covering several crucial areas of organizational culture, employee engagement and leadership. Participants will be invited to ask as many questions as they like and Browne will lead a panel of local experts to share specific success stories from Ghana.

The Culture Summit is aimed at senior business leaders, leaders of people, and business owners, who want to better understand organisational culture and its ability to build engagement among employees.

For more information, contact, Selassie Tettey at Starr FM on 026 941 6836 or email angie@allsortsofmarketing.com

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