16 July 2017

Tony Blair’s latest pro-EU outburst is a classic example of the slyness we came to expect of him as Prime Minister

THERE’S little that cheers the souls of Brexiteers more than a pro-EU intervention by Tony Blair.

And they’ll be delighted that his latest outburst is such a classic example of the kind of arch deviousness that became his stock-in-trade as Prime Minister.

True to form, Tony Blair ignored the will of the British public to declare that Brexit cannot happen
AP:Associated Press

As ever, Blair ignores the will of the British people, declaring it “absolutely necessary” that Brexit does not happen.

In a report from his self-aggrandising Tony Blair Institute, he claims a squeeze on the economy means “already jobs are


This blatantly ignores official figures showing more in work than ever.

Blair also says the NHS is “yet to see” the extra £350million a week promised by the Leave campaign, when he knows that any cash won’t come through until after we quit the EU.

Most disingenuous of all, Blair claims “discussions” he has had show the EU is ready for reform to stop Britain leaving.

But why should we believe him or his unnamed sources? He was PM in 2005 during Britain’s EU presidency when he promised changes to the hated Common Agricultural Policy. He got nothing.

David Cameron
Like David Cameron, Blair came out with nothing when he attempted to negotiate with the EU during his time in office
PA:Press Association

David Cameron also insisted EU leaders were ready for reform when he went into pre-referendum talks. He got nothing.

It is probably a long time since Blair listened to folk about why they voted Brexit.

Instead, he sits ensconced in his Remain bunker. Let him stay there.

While we all wonder if it will be “absolutely necessary” to listen to him ever again.

EU chiefs are willing to give us back control of our borders to dodge Brexit, Tony Blair claims

Asylum’s taking over

MORE than 100 asylum seekers who had already been kicked out of the UK once have now won the right to stay here after sneaking into the country for a second time.

So the taxpayer has had to foot the bill both for deporting them and for giving them asylum second time around.

Asylum seekers
Over 100 asylum seekers have been allowed to stay in the UK despite already being deported during the past five years

This week the Chief Inspector of Borders warned illegal immigrants can enter Britain unchallenged because no checks are made at almost half of small ports.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd must urgently get a grip on our borders.

Who dares will win

MONTHS of fevered speculation will end today when BBC bosses unveil the new Doctor Who straight after the Wimbledon Men’s Final.

The successful one will have to be a winner, ready to overcome tough opponents under the utmost pressure and prepared to defy the laws of age and time.

We’re sure Roger Federer will be brilliant…

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