18 February 2017

Tips for organising your wardrobe


Some people possess wardrobes that look like a mini earthquake erupted in there. Lack of time to organise, sort and arrange can leave the wardrobe in such a state for a long time. It’s obvious then that the best we could do will be to arrange and organise it from time to time. Here are some pointers.

The first thing you need to do is assess your wardrobe. What do you already own?

You will need to go through your wardrobe, pulling everything out. Go through each garment and assess it on these criteria:

Does it still fit or can it easily be altered to fit? Is it in good condition? Is it still fashionable? Does it work with your current age and lifestyle? Do you love it?  Does it flatter your body? Does it flatter your skin tone?

Donate the clothes that fall short. There is no point keeping a garment that no longer serves its purpose.

Categorise your wardrobe, keep the same sorts of clothes together such as skirts with skirts, trousers with trousers, tops with tops.

Depending on the layout of your wardrobe this will vary from person to person.

Next is to hang your wardrobe. The more clothes that you have hanging where you can see them, the more will be worn and not forgotten.

Get hangers that are all the same so that everything hangs evenly and cleanly. This is your boutique, make it beautiful and inspiring.

Clean out your shoes, you don’t want to ruin your fabulous look with shoes that have been worn to death.

Go through your shoes with the same criteria as you did for sorting out your clothes. Donate what you do not need.

Clearing the clutter will make it so much easier to have a great wardrobe that works for you.

Now get out your camera or phone app and take photos of what you have left to work with. You need this inventory to create a catalogue of your wardrobe. This will be a great reminder of what you will need to buy to replace clothes and accessories that have been discarded.

To ensure that the clothes and accessories you are going to buy are not a waste of money you really need to know what your personal style is today (not what it was five or 10 years ago).

What do you like and dislike. Now write a list of all the things you like about clothes, and then a list of everything you dislike. For example I like detail in clothes, I hate stuff that is completely plain, I like beading, I hate frills and flounces, I like comfortable, I hate constricting etc.

Often it’s easier to think of what we dislike first. Write down everything, they will provide useful tips for you when you are out shopping for your clothes.

Now you have a picture of how you spend your time and your wardrobe requirements, plus you know what you currently have in your wardrobe. It’s time to start creating wardrobe capsules and figuring out what you really need.

Do not forget your accessories. A couple of different coloured scarves, beads and shoes can change the look of your outfits again.

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