25 February 2017

Tigo, Airtel complete merger talks as Lucy Quist quits


Information gathered by 3FM Business has confirmed that chief executive officer of telecommunications network Airtel, Lucy Quist has resigned.

This follows the completion of merger talks between two telecommunications giants Tigo and Airtel. The talks which commenced last year were finalized early this year, and would be announced soon, sources close to the merger said.

Reports indicate the merger between the two is anticipated to push the new entity to the number two spot of leading telecom operators in Ghana, after MTN, which is currently the leading telecom operator in Ghana At the end of the third quarter of 2016, MTN had the largest share with a total Subscription of 18,050,144 representing 48.5% of the total mobile market in Ghana, followed by Vodafone with subscription of 8,158,527 (21.9%), TiGO 5,402,668 subscriptions (14.5%) and Airtel 4,697653 subscriptions (12.6%).


Deep throat source says the new entity will be managed by a foreign telecommunication network – Orange. Roshi Motman, managing director of the tiGO is tipped to be head of the new entity, which starts operations next year.

But speaking with 3FM Business, public relations officer of Airtel, Richard Ahiagble appeared to be unaware of the merger.

“I don’t know why people will come up with such stories. It is complete falsehood”, he emphasized.

Source: http://3news.com

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