23 July 2017

Tiger Woods told to ‘sort his life out’ by Greg Norman after DUI arrest and painkiller addiction

TIGER WOODS has been told “sort his life out” by Greg Norman following the fallen idol’s DUI arrest and painkiller addiction.

The Great White Shark also insisted Woods can forget about sorting his golf game out until he deals with all his personal issues.

Tiger Woods says he took the anti-anxiety drug Zanax
Tiger Woods needs to sort his life out, according to Greg Norman
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Australian Greg Norman has told the 14-time Major champion to forget about golf for now
Professional golfer Tiger Woods says alcohol not a factor in DUI arrest

Woods recently completed an “intensive programme” to overcome his battle with prescription drugs.

The 14-time Major winner was believed to be on four different types when he was found asleep at the wheel of his £170,000 Mercedes by police last May.

Shocking dashcam footage showed him unable to walk in a straight line, slurring his words and struggling to stay awake while being quizzed by cops.

He remains unable to play golf after back surgery and it is in this time off that the father of two should get things back on the straight and narrow, says Norman.

The former world No 1 told Sportsweek: “I feel sorry for him, for what’s going through, for what he’s put himself through.

“His struggles with life are greater than his struggles on the golf course.

Tiger Woods fails to walk in a straight line during sobriety test
It remains unclear when and if Tiger Woods will return to professional golf
Tiger Woods has not been seen on a golf course since pulling out of the Dubai Desert Classic in February
Police video shows Tiger Woods struggling to sit up after DUI arrest

“I would like to see him get his life sorted out. Forget the golf.

“He’s never going to replicate what he’s done in the past. You’ve got to be able to get your life sorted out.

“Get cleaned up. You’ve got kids and other friends to spend the rest of your life with.

“His priority is to sort his life out first.

“I’m surrounded by mountains up at 14,000ft and he has a huge mountain to climb ahead of him.

“It’s all been self imposed unfortunately but at the end of the day he’s got to make the decision which priority he wants to put out there first.

“Is it going to be his life or his golf? I don’t think he can get golf right until he gets life right.”

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