27 August 2017

Three of Britain’s top schools accused of helping pupils CHEAT in exams with one professor suspended over scandal

THREE of Britain’s top schools are accused of helping pupils cheat by telling them questions in future exam papers.
Winchester College, which charges  £31,000 a year, has suspended its head of art history amid claims he tipped off students about two exams.

The prestigious Eton College, near Windsor, Berkshire, which Prince Harry and Prince William attended

The prestigious Eton College, near Windsor, Berkshire, which Prince Harry and Prince William attended[/caption]

Winchester College founded in 1382 is one of the first and best known public schools in England
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Laurence Wolff, 56, was suspended with immediate effect after he was alleged to have given students “prior information on exam questions on two papers”, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Posh Charterhouse school , whose ex-pupils include health secretary Jeremy Hunt, has also confirmed that it has been investigated by the exam board.
It comes after Eton College dismissed its head of economics, Mo Tanweer, following allegations that he had shared confidential information about an upcoming economics paper.
Last night the Department for Education confirmed that Ofqual, the exam regulator, was now involved in the investigation.
A spokesman said: “Parents and students must be able to have faith in the exam system. Any suggestion of malpractice is concerning and should be looked into. Cambridge International Examinations board are dealing with the incidents.”
In the Eton and Winchester cases, both teachers were also working as examiners at CIE, the body which sets questions for the ‘Pre U’ exams – the A Level equivalents taken by independent school pupils ahead of entry to university.

Tim Hands, headmaster at Winchester College, said: “The College has treated this matter very seriously, and has worked closely with the Examination Board throughout. It greatly regrets what has happened.

“No boy was to blame, and the Board used standard procedures to award final grades.

“One teacher was suspended and has now retired from the school.”
A Charterhouse spokesman said: “Charterhouse staff were made aware of concerns raised by pupils and referred the matter to CIE. We have been assured by CIE that our pupils have not been affected. All Charterhouse pupils who sat the Pre U Economics examinations were awarded their marks for the papers in the normal way.”

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