03 August 2017

This shower speaker might finally make you a morning person

Elevate your shower experience with this Bluetooth speaker.
Elevate your shower experience with this Bluetooth speaker.

Image:  XXL Shower Speaker

The few minutes you spend in the shower each morning give you a precious respite from the chaos of the day. Or, maybe you’re just bored. If that’s the case, you should consider purchasing a powerful, Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker like the

earns the XXL in its name — it’s about twice the size and twice as powerful as a typical shower speaker. It puts out three watts of sound and uses Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite podcast — or just rock out. 

It even makes and receives calls (if you want to call your friends while you’re washing your hair, for some reason). The long-lasting battery means you only have to charge it every few weeks.

Our previous batch of sold out immediately, but due to popular demand, we are bringing them back in three fun new colors — and for 80 percent off. The normally costs $99.99, but you can get it .

It might just turn you into a morning person.

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