08 August 2017

This Morning chef John Torode suggests cooking salmon in the DISHWASHER… and viewers can’t cope

THIS Morning viewers were left “baffled” after John Torode shared a very fishy cooking tip.

The MasterChef host, 52, appeared on Monday’s edition of the ITV daytime programme in a segment about things you never knew you could put in the dishwasher.

MasterChef’s John Torode told This Morning viewers that he cooks salmon in the dishwasher
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John told presenters Ruth Langsford, 57, and Eamonn Holmes, also 57, that he’s a fan of cooking salmon in the machine.

He said: “Say for Christmas when you want your whole decorated salmon. You can’t fit it in a pot, you can’t fit it in the oven.

“The dishwasher! Seriously, wrap it in foil. Paper, some lemons in the middle.

“Wrap the whole lot up. Get a load of foil. Top of the dishwasher, hottest one for the whole cycle.”

Viewers were gobsmacked by the bonkers advice and took to Twitter to air their concerns.

Chloe Stephens commented: “What on earth have I woken up to… putting salmon in a dishwasher to cook it??? I’m baffled #thismorning.”

Hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes were shown the unusual cooking method on yesterday’s show
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The salmon is wrapped into a tight foil parcel and placed in the top drawer of the dishwasher for two hours

Jessica Lym said: “Cooking a whole salmon in the dishwasher. FFS. I’ve seen it all now #ThisMorning. Get a grip @thismorning.”

While, Emma wrote: “Cooking salmon in the dishwasher? Stop with the sorcery. #ThisMorning.”

A video of the unusual cooking tip was shared on This Morning’s Facebook page yesterday, and has since racked up 236,000 views.

The method involves wrapping a piece of salmon in buttered parchment paper, then again in foil to form a tight parcel.

You place the fish in the top drawer of the dishwasher and put the machine on a 70 degree cycle for two hours.

Once cooked, leave the salmon to rest for 10 minutes and then serve with butter and parsley.

But social media users were not happy.

Sarah Davison said: “Imagine having so much money that instead of turning on the hob for 25 mins, you put your dishwasher on the hottest temp for 2 hours just to make dinner.”

Viewers were left unimpressed with the bizarre cooking instructions and took to Twitter to air their views
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Liz Poole wrote: “Can you imagine the smell of the dishwasher afterwards! Too much hassle trying to get it smelling nice enough to wash your dishes in!”

While, Jahaan Thomas commented: “I seriously see ZERO point to this… What happened to tin foil and an oven?”

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