04 July 2017

These cuddly clones are so cute – and almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing

THESE cuddly clones are so cute – and almost impossible to tell apart.

Yesterday we brought you Otitis the earless cat with his lookalike toy seal.

Caters News Agency

Seal deal . . . Otitis lost his ears after suffering from inflammatory cysts[/caption]

But plenty of animal lovers realise they can have twice the fun by pairing pets up with a faux furry friend.

Here, COURTNEY BARTLETT shows some dynamic duos in action – see if you can spot which ones are real.

Mini me . . . little and large go out for walkies
Call my fluff . . .  which one of us is fake?

Ear to stay . . .  lookalikes want to stick close
Pork swaps . . . I like your ribbon. Ta, me too
Clone wolf . . . Really? This guy and me – come on!
Pedigree chums . . .  my turn for a piggy back next


Ruff love . . . mates even match neckerchiefs
Dogglegangers . . . fab four line up but only two are real deal
Bed Ringers . . . mutts share a cosy mattress
World's first passport photo booth for dogs is in London, called Pet Paws-Port
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