02 February 2017

There’s A Secret Code Word For When Donald Trump Is Having Sex In The White House


It must be difficult being the President of the United States , having your every move closely watched.

Secret Service agents are put in place for the President and First Lady’s protection, but it must be really annoying when you’re trying to have a private moment as a couple – and everyone knows about it. There are various code words used in the White House so that Secret Service can communicate with each other without mentioning names or locations.

During Obama’s administration, the President was known as ‘Renegade’ and First Lady, Michelle, was known as ‘Renaissance’.

When they wanted to have “sexy time”, it was referred to as ‘the Bosnian problem’, reports the Sun .

So the conversation would go, “Renaissance can’t be disturbed. She and Renegade are discussing the Bosnian problem.”

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