28 June 2017

The Remarkable Differences Between Wayne Rooney & Cristiano Ronaldo With Their Shirts Off | News


It wasn’t too long ago that Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo were Manchester United wonderkids.

Back in the summer of 2004, when 18 year-old Rooney signed for United from Everton, he joined 19 year-old Ronaldo at Old Trafford. Over the next few years, as part of a great Red Devils side that would go on to win the Champions League, the English striker and the Portuguese winger would establish themselves as two of the most talented young players in Europe.

Ask any football fan at the time, and they would have known that Rooney and Ronaldo were at similar stages of their career.

Now, some years later, it’s considerably harder to believe that they are of a similar age… particularly when they go topless.

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