03 July 2017

The Inside Story: The Ghanaian Woman Crying And Faking Assault to Get A Man Arrested in London Was Once Homeless (VIDEO)


A Ghanaian woman, Janet who stays at Croydon in London,  has been captured in a video crying and faking assault, just to get the police to her house and get another Ghanaian man arrested.

While many on social media have been misinformed that the man being set-up is the woman’s husband, GhanaCelebrities.Com has spoken to a close friend of the woman who says, the man is not a husband but rather a tenant.

The friend says the woman was doing all that’s in the video just to get the man thrown out of her house.

Apparently, the woman rented a place to the man and she has long been looking for a way to throw the man–without breaching the signed contract.

And this despicable pretence and cry of assault is just her attempt to get the police involved–which if the man did not record, could have landed him in jail.

Janet herself is said to have once been homeless in London and now that she seems to have a leg to stand on, she’s all set to make another Ghanaian homeless.

Check out the video below… 

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