23 February 2017

Textile workers to demonstrate on March 9


Workers from three textiles firms; Printex Ghana Limited, Akosombo Textiles Limited and Tex Styles GTP are expected to hit the streets on March 9 over some concerns in the sector.

Starr Business can confirm the mother union,  Textiles Garments and Leather Employees Union, has served the police a notice to that effect.

The workers want an immediate renewal of the mandate of the anti-textile piracy task force.

General Secretary of the Union Abraham Koomson told Starr Business the protest is not an attempt to discredit the new government.

Sometimes you may think we are very hard but that is what you have to do to make sure that things are done right, these are challenges that he (trade minister)  is going to face.  We as the labour Union, we are not going to do things to frustrate him; he must be allowed to work and any advice they want from unions we are prepared to help after-all it’s  the results that we want.

“And  if the results are favorable to the ordinary worker why would we work against the government that will make sure businesses strive.  It’s a pity if you go to the  Tema industrial area you will weep; if you see how companies have collapsed, a whole lot of industries ,TTL, GTP, GTMC have all  shave deteriorated. And  some have been rented out as warehouses; it’s a pity,” Mr. Koomson said.



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