24 August 2017

Tesla Referral Winners Get To Ride In Elon Musk’s Boring Machine

Tesla has added another perk to its popular referral program – a ride in CEO Elon Musk’s underground electric tunnel boring machine.

Enthusiastic Tesla owners who refer enough new customers get to go the “Level 2” referral program prize. This means they’ll be able to drive the electric tunnel boring machine operated by Musk’s The Boring Company in Hawthorne, Calif.

The Boring Company started late last year after Musk had had enough frustration over getting stuck in heavy Los Angeles traffic on his way over the SpaceX corporate office in Hawthorne. His goal is to use the boring machine to dig a network of tunnels for high-speed trains. That could even be the ultra-fast Hyperloop train, of which he played a big part in getting started at the concept level.

Hawthorne’s city council approved on Tuesday night a two-mile underground track that Musk had proposed. It’s the first test tunnel going west from the SpaceX headquarters, according to local newspaper Daily Breeze.

Tesla’s referral program rewards owners who successfully convince the most people to buy a Tesla electric vehicle. This latest set of rewards is a secret “Level 2” referral program prize. Those making it to the “secret level” are given a code to send out to five friends for free unlimited access to Superchargers and $1,000 off a new Model S or Model X.

If all five of these friends purchase and take delivery of a Model S or Model X, the Tesla owner who made the referrals goes to Level 2. They’ll need to come out to the Hawthorne office of SpaceX, which also sits next to a huge Tesla vehicle maintenance facility offering plenty of Superchargers.

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This is the ninth wave of the Tesla referral program. The first wave ended in October 2015. Those hitting the targets were given $1,000 credits, as were the buyers they referred. One of the versions of the referral program, going back to February 2016, focused on encouraging installations of home EV chargers.

In July, Tesla owners who’d given seven referrals received an invitation to attend the July 28 reveal event for the Model 3. They were also given a Tesla-branded carry-on bag and a Model S Radio Flyer wagon for their kids.


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