30 July 2017

Teenage girls need to eat more nuts, seeds and broccoli to protect the brains of their future children, say US boffins

TEENAGE girls must eat more broccoli, nuts and seeds to help protect the brains of future offspring, research suggests.

Surveys say 95 per cent of US women are lacking in vitamin E, which scientists warn takes a long time to be absorbed.


Women must boost their intake of vitamin-E rich foods, say scientists[/caption]

A US study on zebrafish found embryos deficient in the nutrient were cognitively impaired, even after their diet improved.

Scientists at Oregon State University found offspring from fish on a vitamin-E deficient diet had deformities and greater incidence of death than ones fed on adequate amounts of the vitamin.

For the next seven days of the study all of the normal looking fish, irrespective of diet history, were fed a vitamin E-adequate diet.

Both groups grew normally and showed similar DNA methylation but fish on the low vitamin-E diet failed to learn and were afraid.

They also continued to have metabolic defects and indications of mitochondrial damage.

Dr Maret Traber, of Oregon State University, said: “They managed to get through the critical period to get the brain formed, but they were stupid and didn’t learn and didn’t respond right.

Broccoli has also been recommended as part of a healthy diet
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“They had so much oxidative damage they essentially had a screwed-up metabolism. These outcomes suggest embryonic vitamin E deficiency in zebrafish causes lasting impairments that aren’t resolved via later dietary vitamin E supplementation.

“What that means for people is that many people are walking around with inadequate intakes, and how is their metabolism being affected and especially the brain, which is highly polyunsaturated and has specific mechanisms for retaining vitamin E?

“It takes awhile to get vitamin E into the brain to protect it, and this has me concerned about teenage girls who eat inadequate diets and get pregnant.”


Vitamin E boosts metabolim and the brain, which also helps prevent behavioural problems[/caption]

A spoonful of Marmite a day keeps brains healthy, study suggests
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