20 June 2016

Teacher beats Dr Kpessa Whyte to win parliamentary primary

Teacher beats Dr Kpessa Whyte to win parliamentary primaryWidow of late National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Shai-Osudoku has won the primary.

Mrs Linda Akwele Ocloo, a teacher with no political experience, polled 5,156 to beat her main contender, the Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Dr Kpessa Whyte.

The position became vacant following the death of the parliamentary candidate William Ocloo. Mrs Ocloo says her victory is to honour the memory of her late husband.

“I knew that I will win this election, as there was no going back because when the youth call on you, it is something they are going to do for you. Willie has already laid the structures down so this victory I was expecting it a long time,” elated Mrs Ocloo said.

A lot of political commentators gave Mrs Ocloo no chance of winning as they argued that she was a novice with no political experience. It was also said that riding on sympathy votes won’t take her far.

She declared her intention to contest the position left vacant by her deceased husband in April, a week after her husband’s burial.

She told Joy News then that she was already under pressure from some forces within the party to step down as they did not think she can win them the seat. Also, some were more comfortable with Dr Whyte representing the constituency.

However, Mrs Ocloo said she trusted her campaign team to deliver her victory and is grateful to everyone who helped her to win.

“I was confident of winning and I had a loyal campaign team. So, when they were saying all those things I was not bothered at all, becuase I know victory will be mine. It is not about having experience it is about doing the job,” Mrs Ocloo said.

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Abubakar Ibrahim | Email: abubakar.ibrahim@myjoyonline.com

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