20 June 2016

Teacher beats Dr Kpessa Whyte to win parliamentary primary

Delay Frimpong MansoAccording to Shatta Michy, Delay Frimpong Manso who goes the extra mile to get celebrities to say personal stuff about themselves which end up trending, is “extremely different from what you see on TV.”

After getting to know Delay better, the wife of Shatta Wale spoke good about her on Morning Ride with Dzifa Gray on Metro TV.

She said: “Delay’s my motivation and strength. Many don’t really know Delay well. She is extremely different from what people see on TV. I just wish they will draw closer to her and get to know her more. She is entirely on lovely and strong lady.”

Michelle (Shatta Michy) also revealed a bit about her acting experience as she’s set to star on Delay’s Cocoa Brown TV series, revealing that she was nervous and never acted before, but as time took its toll, she was able to adapt, and its been fun since.

We sure can’t wait to see her on screen.

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