Taxi Driver drowns in flood waters in Teshie

drown in flood waterThe body of a Taxi Driver was on Saturday found in the Teshie Lagoon days after the floods in the city.

An eyewitness, Boye Bentil narrated to Adom News that residents of the area found the body of the Taxi Driver in the lagoon after the flood waters subsided in the area.

According to him, the Taxi Driver might have been washed away with his Taxi by flood waters that engulfed the area after Thursday’s downpour.

But this account was refuted by a co-tenant of the Taxi Driver who said the man was washed away by the rushing waters while standing on top of his taxi during the downpour.

He claimed the Taxi driver parked and stood on his taxi after flood waters engulfed the road during the downpour in the city.

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