14 July 2017

Take responsibility but uphold integrity – Lands Commission Boss tells graduates

Dr Wilfred K. Anim-Odame

Dr Wilfred K. Anim-Odame, the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission has urged graduates of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) to uphold the virtues of integrity and honesty as well as work hard at all times.

“Be mindful that, life in a very competitive job market means, you have to recognise the need for hard work. More importantly, you have to uphold the virtues of integrity and honesty at all times.

“And remember not to compromise on commitment to excellence in all your endeavours. No matter how hard you wish, the tooth fairy is not going to come while you are sleeping and replace failure with success. Begin to take responsibility for your life,” he said.

Speaking at the recent graduation ceremony of the Class of 2017, of the College of Art and Built Environment of the KNUST in Kumasi, Dr. Anim-Odame, told the students that the world of work will definitely require them to create a niche for themselves.

“Please endeavour to make yourself an exceptional graduate. Let the feel of a proud product of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology be your hallmark,” he said.

Speaking on the theme, “You are a gem to make the world a better place”, Dr. Anim-Odame told the students that he has always been motivated by the words of Helen Keller, the blind and deaf motivational speaker and bestselling author.

“Helen Keller said and I quote ‘Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye’. These words of Helen Keller have seen me through life from 1990 when I graduated from this great university.”

He recounted how he worked at the erstwhile Land Valuation Board, now the Land Valuation Division of the Lands Commission, as a national service personnel before venturing into a private Valuation Firm; worked at the Land Valuation Board for several years, back to school for many years and returning to Ghana in 2009 to be followed by his appointment in 2010 as the Director and finally as the overall boss of the Lands Commission.

“Currently, I serve mother Ghana as the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission.  Truly, there is a great reward in obtaining both academic and professional qualifications,” he said.

He urged the students to see themselves as gems before they can make the world a better place. “Always examine your excuses. An excuse puts the blame on something other than you, which means the solution is beyond your reach. Excuses are like exit signs on the road of progress; do you know that excuses can take you off your track and truncate your vision? It is easier to move from failure to success, than from excuses to success.”

The God factor

Dr. Anim-Odame urged them to discover the treasures within them and acknowledge that it is God who put those treasures within them.

“At all times, you have to concede that the treasure within you is from God. You are a gem and can make the world a better place with your knowledge, skills, expertise and other inherent qualities,” he added.

To sum up, he inspired them to surround themselves with people who reflect their values, goals, interests and lifestyles. “If you are an eagle, do not hang around chickens. You should know by now that chickens cannot fly”, he also advised. 

As you journey into the future, seek out for mentors, genuine people who will offer you good advice and those who have led good examples. As a gem, who is determined to make the world better, never let go of your vision; plan your career, research your chosen path and understand each of the steps that you need to take, to achieve your goals. 

Sometimes, the rewards may not be immediate but with time, the rewards will come and everything that you have had to sacrifice to reach your goals will begin to make sense,” he noted.


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