22 August 2017

Take A Look At Some Of The Amazing Fashion And Arts From This Year’s Chale Wote

The annual Chale Wote street art festival which takes place in Ghana, Jamestown, came off last week and like every other year, people from all over the world and all walks of life came through to the event.


The event is attended to socialise, buy artistic stuff and have a view of all of the amazing paintings and arts, cultural performances and traditions, interesting games, stage performances among other activities, and everyone attended in their own fashionable way.


For the sake of the art, people normally attend this event dressed in simple, casual, scary and crazy outfits. From the tattered looks to the high up head wraps, African print, short, jeans, and many other looks, everyone attended the event with their own magic.


Scroll through the pictures below to take a look at some of the fashion and art at this year’s event.



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