17 February 2017

Tackle what is needed before what is desired — Dr Nduom


Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

The 2016 Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has advised the government to tackle immediately what is needed before  attempting  to do what is desired.

He explained that for example, health facilities, schools, roads, water, bridges and  electricity were more required immediately than the idea that the “government is setting up a digital migration company that will manage the channels for revenue.”

Dr Nduom noted  in his recent Facebook post  that there were more ‘socially responsible’ and ‘necessary economic problems’ which the government must channel its efforts at solving.

“We must do what is needed before we attempt to do what we desire. Health facilities, schools, roads, water, bridges and electricity are more needed!” he declared.

Dr Nduom, who broke his silence after the  2016 election with this post, urged the government to  nip  the  idea to set up a digital migration company to collect revenue in the bud.

Nduom advises government

Dr Nduom, who is also  an astute businessman,  explained on his Facebook wall that a terrible idea would remain terrible no matter how it was polished, advising government to  postpone the idea to set up a digital migration company to collect revenue.

He said he found the idea being promoted on the Internet, with articles written by a well-known media person on how  government would generate revenue.

How the company operates

“That company will take commission for all content encrypted so that the more content and the more subscribers that pay for content, the more revenue at hand for government.

“For instance in a particular month, if 10 million Ghanaians have each paid two cedis for content, ranging from people who watched Ghana’s Most Beautiful on TV3, plus those who viewed entertainment programmes, news programmes and special event programmes, the government receives commissions and fees for being the spectrum operator, and  those monies can be used to run the system to reduce the burden on tax money.”

However, Dr Nduom, who seemed unconvinced about the idea, asked how the government could set up a digital migration company to collect revenue. “Why? Bad, bad idea. Let’s nip this in the bud,” he stressed.

The 2016 flag bearer of the PPP was of the view that the government had more socially responsible and necessary economic problems to solve, instead of channelling  its energy on what was desired but wasn’t a necessity.


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