26 January 2017

Summer Guide to Looking Swimsuit Fabulous—Pick Your Choice



It’s time to hit the beaches, with those bodies we have worked so hard to get, but with so many swimsuit styles trending right now, it’s a bit difficult to know which will look fabulous on you and which wouldn’t.

Women’s swimsuit styles are a lot and include one-piece, bikinis or thongs. These types have gone through a lot of trends and modifications done to them in relation to the cuts and lengths.

That latest being the burqini, which is loved by Muslim women, covers the whole body and the head but not the face.

Some factors to consider when buying a swimsuit include;

1. The fit..

You should think about good fit. Does it support well, is it comfortable, does it make you look good both from the front and the back
Know your body type.

2. Essential to know your body type as it will help determine which swim suit will look best on you. Confidence is the key; you need to be very confident with your body.

3. Prepare yourself…

It’s prudent that before you go out to buy or before wearing a swimsuit you prepare yourself adequately by removing all unwanted hair that you don’t want showing while in your swimsuit. It doesn’t make for a pleasant viewing experience.

4. Choose fabrics and colours that will highlight your best feature and downplay your less loved parts. You will want to draw attention to your most flattering body parts, so use bright colours or patterns to highlight such features.

Solid colours will help hide the parts you don’t want to highlight. To add volume to either your hips or bust, choose pieces with ruffles in those areas. It’s never a crime to buy or wear separates that don’t match perfectly.

5. Select the right cut…

For instance, a one-piece will hide your waist, tie-front bikini tops draw eyes to the bust area, and high cut bikinis bottoms makes legs look longer. So knowing which cut you want is also essential.

Now Let’s Go Shopping…

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