02 July 2017

Suarez’s statue vandalised for attending Messi’s wedding

Luis Suarez has often suffered accusations of going to ground too easily, hitting the deck in the hope of winning a penalty or two.

The Barcelona star has built up quite a reputation over the years , and so perhaps it was no surprise to see a statue of the Uruguayan lying prone on the ground in his country of birth.

The monument, which was in the city of Salto, was toppled on Saturday, while Suarez and others were away at the wedding of his club team-mate Lionel Messi.

While being taken away to be refurbished, a note has been replaced in the spot, stating: ‘I went to Messi’s wedding, I’ll be back soon.’

According to local media, the person responsible for the fallen icon has already been arrested.
The statue was unveiled in July last year and stands on the corner of one of the city’s busiest streets.

Source: Daily Mail

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