20 June 2017

‘Stupid’ Bloggers Can’t End My Career – Says Pissed Off Mzbel




A pissed off Mzbel has hit out at ‘stupid’ bloggers for always being interested in the negative stuff about her and never the positive.

According to the ’16 Years’ singer, such people can not end her career, nor her life, with their constant negativity.

Mzbel’s maiden appearance on the ‘Celebrity Ride’ with ZionFelix was an eventful one as she talked about her religious beliefs, which ended up making all the headlines after.

She described Christianity as ‘idol worship’, and naturally that overshadowed everything else she said and was the number one headline.

But Mzbel is not happy about that, taking to Facebook to vent her fury.


Here’s what she wrote, accompanied by a screenshot of one of her ‘negative’ headlines.

“You can only get stupid people like yourself to insult and call me names with these headlines, but you cannot end my life or career because only God decides! Over the years this is all you do… tarnish my image and reputation just to get traffic on your blogs.

“It’s very unfortunate to see those we expect to know better perpetuating such self-seeking and deceitful agenda. Why not a headline like “Mzbel made a donation to an orphanage in Koforidua and she’s appealing to the general public for more support, do you agree with her?” You only wait until something good is happening and then you quickly publish these distractive stories to cover up the hard work and good deeds, how sad!

“Why should religion be such a big deal if we all believe there is a G-d! Well, if that’s the path you’ve chosen, keep in mind that Karma is a very good sniper. Smh, time will tell.”


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