30 September 2016

Stop practicing ‘jungle politics’ – Peace Council Chair

emmanuel-asanteThe Chairman of the Peace Council has charged politicians to be decorous when they mount political platforms and avoid provocative comments that could spark off violence during campaigns.

Most Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante’s comments come in the wake of violence which characterized the recent voter transfer at some centers.

According to him, elections do not call for bloodshed and therefore people must be disciplined in supporting their political parties.

Speaking to Roland Walker on the AM Show on the JOY NEWS channel on MultiTV Thursday, he said, “Overzealousness can lead to all kinds of things and therefore people must have self-control when supporting their parties. Ghanaians must understand what partisan politics is all about.”

Rev. Asante expressed disappointment in the language used by some politicians during their campaigns.

“Politicians must stop maligning their political opponents. What is it that you are looking for? At the end of the day, if you win power and the nation is on fire, who are you going to rule?” the man of God questioned.

“Why fight and why instigate people to engage in violence? That is jungle politics,” he quizzed further.

Reacting to a question about a recent allegation of vote buying by some politicians, the Peace Council Chair Rev. Asante said, “If it’s true that people are dishing out money, then I think those people must stop because that is vote buying.”

He also urged the Electoral Commission to redeem its image and win the trust of Ghanaians by educating Ghanaians about its activities.


Source: Myjoyonline.com

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