‘Stop demanding chalk from pupils’

Madam Cecilia Veronica Antwi (6th left) receiving the items from Madam Veronica Antwi-Adjei, the Bosomtwe DCE, at Kuntanase, with other officials looking on.

Madam Cecilia Veronica Antwi (6th left) receiving the items from Madam Veronica Antwi-Adjei, the Bosomtwe DCE, at Kuntanase, with other officials looking on.

The District Chief Executive for Bosomtwe, Madam Ve

ronica Antwi-Adjei, has warned teachers to desist from demanding chalk from pupils before teaching them.

She explained that such an act was not only wrong but puts a burden on children and their parents as well.


Madam Antwi-Adjei gave the warning after handing over large quantity of educational supplies to the Bosomtwe District Directorate of Education at Kuntanase.

The items, which cost Gh¢8,000, were made up of 60 cartons of chalk, 300 attendance registers and four cartons of A4 sheets.


Madam Antwi-Adjei said the provision of the needed teaching materials was very crucial and pledged the government’s commitment to continue to make them available to enhance academic work.

She explained that although the social media had some benefits to society, its negative effect on education should be considered to prevent it from wasting the time of students who instead of learning, rather went to browse.

That according to her, affected the provision of quality education, as it did not help students to focus on their studies.


The DCE lamented the time students and pupils spent watching television at the expense of their education and called on parents to regulate how their children used their time effectively at home.

The Deputy Director in charge of Supervision at the Bosomtwe Education Directorate, Madam Cecilia Veronica Antwi, who received the items, commended the assembly for the support, saying it had not only come at the right time but would also go a long way to enhance teaching and learning.

She pledged to ensure that the items would be sent to where they were needed most to ensure that it would be put to good use to promote the delivery of quality education.

Madam Antwi announced that a survey conducted by the district directorate recently discovered that school attendance on Fridays in the district was very low, saying the office was putting in place stringent measures to ensure that the trend change.

Appeal to parents

She appealed to parents to take keen interest in the education of their children to safeguard their future by ensuring that their children were in school at all times.

The District Coordinating Director, Mr Kofi Senkyire, explained that the provision of the educational materials was part of the support to all government institutions under the district assembly.

This, according to him, was part of the decentralisation policy by the government to place all government agencies under Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies.

Mr Senkyire assured all agencies under the assembly that it would supply all their needs as part of their obligations to deliver various services required of them in order to promote improvement in the standard of living of residents.

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