28 September 2016

Stop blaming colonial masters for our woes – Mahama

Dr. Edward Nasigre MahamaDr. Edward Nasigre Mahama flag bearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has said that Ghanaians should stop blaming colonial masters for the woes of this country and resolve to remove the bottlenecks bedevilling the economy.

Dr Mahama made this assertion on My Turn show on GTV Govern, during the station’s question and answer session, after his presentation of party manifesto Monday September 26.

“Ghana is almost 60 years counting from independence; if you are 30 years now, ask yourself what plans have I laid down for my children 20 years down the line. We do not have plans for future generation. We know Ghana’s population will definitely grow years to come, but we have no plans in place,” he said.

“We have come to the point where we must become self-reliant. Former President Kutu Acheampong sought to pursue self-reliance and this is the direction I’m also going to take,” he averred.

The flag bearer who continually trumpeted discipline in his delivery added that currently, jobs are secured based on who you know in places of influence and not on merit and qualification.

He promised that when voted in power, he will ensure graduates are employed based on qualification and not on party affiliations as is the norm.


Source: asempanews.com

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