03 August 2017

Starr News’ report on TB prevalence – Starr Fm

Health officials in Ghana are alarmed at the increasing number of tuberculosis cases in the country. Official figures showed that out of every 100,000 Ghanaians, 286 have TB.

That is three times higher than what the World Health Organization estimated for the country as at 2013. This shows that the fight to reduce the prevalence rate hasn’t been a success yet.

The disease is transmitted from a sick patient to another through coughing, singing and sneezing and its major symptoms are coughs, which last for more than two weeks, loss of weight, tiredness, night sweats, chest pain and cough with bloodstained sputum.

Due to the prevalence rate, the Union Africa Region is held its 20th conference in Accra to accelerate the elimination of TB and lung diseases.

Over thousand stakeholders across the globe shared ideas on how to achieve the target of TB elimination by 2030.

A report by starr news Josephine Asabea Akonor who visited Bujumbura camp, a TB prone community in the Central region.

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