11 July 2017

Spying device discovery: I was ‘naked’ as Lands Minister – Nii Osah Mills

Former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources under the estwhile Mahama administration Nii Osah Mills, has described as unfair the failure of his predecessor, Inusah Fuseini failure to inform him about a recording device in his office.

According to him, it was wrong that he was not briefed about the presence of the device, adding that he now feels he was naked for the two and half years he served in that office.

The former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, has admitted to he owns the secret recording device retrieved from the office of the current Minister, John Peter Amewu.

He said the device was gifted to him by a certain Haruna soon after he assumed office as Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, adding that he caused the device to be fixed to monitor the happenings in his office.

Speaking on Starr FM Tuesday, Hon. Fuseini said the fear that attended the discovery of the device was unnecessary as it was not fully installed.

“It was not working. The installation was not completed,” he said.

National Security operatives Monday July 1o, 2017 discovered the audio-visual recorder in a huge Coat of Arms plaque hanging in the Minister’s office.

The device has a camera, a storage unit and another believed to be a transmitter. The highly sensitive device which can even pick whisper 35-feet away is neatly housed in a black metal box and uses battery and is currently being investigated by the National Security.

But speaking to Joy FM Tuesday, Hon. Nii Osah Mills stated that he knew absolutely nothing about the device adding that he only got to hear about it on the news.

Asked if he was worried that such a device was hidden in an office he occupied for two years, the former Minister said “certainly I’m surprised, absolutely if you were in my shoes, you’ll be too. This is not anything we expected and especially if a colleague planted it, that is very strange.

He added: I ought to have been told that there was a device and it ought to have been removed certainly. I don’t think it was fair that a former Minister, a colleague will plant a device and not inform me. Whether it’s working or not is not the question. My security was compromised, if such a device was in my office throughout and I will spend often the whole day, sometimes closing late at 9 or 10 pm then certainly I feel almost naked in a sense.”

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