09 August 2017

Spring has sprung on the east coast

Thursday’s highs across the country. Picture: Sky News Weather

IN SYDNEY you could be forgiven for thinking we were deep into spring. The smell of jasmine is in the air, the magnolia are blooming and hayfever sufferers are honking.

Just days after a winter storm smashed its way through the south east of the continent, bringing blizzards and even an alpine avalanche, the weather has done a switcheroo and pressed fast forward to spring.

Sydneysiders can expect to bask in temperatures more usual for November than August, while the mercury could top out at 28C in Brisbane.

If that comes to pass it would be the warmest August day in Queensland’s capital for two years.

Heading into next week, it’s only going to get warmer.

But sorry Melbourne, you’re not invited to the early spring garden party. While temperatures will briefly warm up, you’ll then be back to very normal winter weather.

It could get even hotter across the east coast towards midweek, hitting 28C in Brisbane. Picture: Sky News Weather

It could get even hotter across the east coast towards midweek, hitting 28C in Brisbane. Picture: Sky News WeatherSource:Supplied

And citizens of Perth may even need to rug up as it could get colder than the August average.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders told news.com.au that while stubborn high pressure anchored over south eastern Australia was part of the reason for the warmer days it wasn’t the only story.

A bigger factor at play was a series of cold fronts running out of steam before they manage to get across the Nullarbor and the Bight from the west.

“After the weekend winter storm and blizzards, the pattern has switched with cold fronts peaking in Western Australia and sliding south of the eastern states,” Mr Saunders said.

“This is leading to prolonged periods of north-westerly winds and above average temperatures, especially near the east coast.”

For Brisbane that means Friday and Saturday could be the balmiest it’s been since April. In Sydney, expect 23C on Thursday and Friday, although the mercury will dip slightly on the weekend.

“Even warmer temperatures are possible around Tuesday and Wednesday next week across Queensland and NSW, possibly reaching the mid to high 20s in Sydney,” Mr Saunders said.

“The warmer temperatures will lead to snowmelt over the next week and the alps can even expect some rain Friday early next week.”

So are you headed for a winter weekend of beach weather or will you need to crank up the heating?

Mt Hotham has had some heavy snow falls. But rising temperatures could even bring rain to the peaks.

Mt Hotham has had some heavy snow falls. But rising temperatures could even bring rain to the peaks.Source:Supplied


A cold weekend still on the slopes. A max of 2C in Perisher and -2C at night with some snow showers. But by Tuesday it could get as high as 9C in the Snowy Mountains with increasing rain. Across the border it will be colder. Mt Hotham won’t get above freezing on the weekend but could yet hit 5C on Monday.


Sydney is solidly in the zone of unseasonably hot weather. In August, a high of 18C is usual but forget that — for the next week the temperature gauge will easily surpass that hurdle.

Sunny skies with a few clouds will be a feature of Thursday and Friday with highs of 23C. It’ll slink back to 21C during a sunny weekend before getting up to 24C on Tuesday.


Distinctly average down in Melbourne. A high of 18C on Thursday will soon give way to figures of between 14-16C for the next few days. Cloudy with the odd shower.


Blue skies, warm days — it’s going to be a perfect winter weekend in the sunshine state. Highs of 28C will make it more like November than August. This time of year 22C is the usual average maximum.


Poor old Perth. The cold fronts barrelling through WA will mean scarves rather than swimming trunks are the order of the day. You should be getting to at least 19C on August days, but it’ll struggle to get to even 16C on Thursday. Night time lows of 6C on Thursday are also colder than usual. Things should improve heading into the weekend but rain, rather than sun, will be a feature.


A warm few days of 19C highs leading into the weekend will give way to a distinctly average weekend of around 16-17C. Some sun will peek through the clouds but rain bursts should be expected.


Above average highs of 17C for the next couple of days and then, just as the weekend arrives, the temperature drops.

You’ll be lucky to get 12C on Saturday and Sunday — that’s more July than August in Hobart. However, things should improve next week, when you’re back at work. There will be rain.


In the capital, a high of 16C will give way to 14C on Friday and Saturday before rising back to 16C on Sunday. Early frost should lead to sunny days. Expect temperatures to rise mid next week.


Around 32C and sunny in the Top End with a possible 34C on Sunday.


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