13 July 2016

Speed ramps to cause spinal problems – Minister

upper westUpper West Regional Minister, Amin Amidu Sulemani, says Ghanaians are likely to develop severe spinal problems in the future due to the many speed ramps on the nation’s major highways.

He explained highway trips are supposed to bring comfort to travelers, but Ghanaians have been denied this, noting, a journey on the nation’s highways is burdensome and unpleasant.

“In fact travelling in Ghana by road is very unpleasant no matter how good the road is just because of the speed ramps,” he said.

The Regional Minister made this statement at the Mid-year Performance Review Conference of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), held in Wa.

Touching on the number of deaths on Ghanaian roads, he said provisional statistics for May 2016 indicated an estimated 5,135 road traffic crashes were reported involving 7,954 vehicles.

Out of these crashes, about 888 fatalities, 4,517 injuries, and 1,171 pedestrians were knocked down either along or across roads.

He said the provisional figures point to the bad attitude of Ghanaians towards road safety.

Even though he blamed speed ramps on Ghanaian roads as one of the causes of the accidents, he explained they are important because of the way some motorists use the roads.

He called on Road authorities and NRSC to map out strategies to end what is becoming a national disaster.

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