05 February 2017

Do you speak the language of style?

Style Words

Do not make your fashion through the eyes of others

We grow, we develop, we change cars opting for better brands, durable features and yet we prefer to buy low grade fashion stuff because we feel quality clothing is expensive?

Come on! There is a difference in not having the means to actually invest in quality clothing. But having the means and deliberately choosing to go for cheap stuff is a fashion sin! You like nice quality stuff eh? But you don’t want to pay for them, right? Really? Then the Kanta benddown boutique should become your closest relative.  Low prices + quality stuff.

Between quality and quantity I have always opted for quality. If you must invest in clothing and accessories, ensure that you buy good quality items that can last you for a long while.

Times are hard and cash equally hard to come by. So we need to make every pesewa we own stretch. Quality stuff will last longer and give you the peace of mind you need to look and feel good.

No use buying inferior products only to have them replaced in three months. I have seen people walking only to have the soles of their shoes drop off!

Hmmm. So quantity or quality? You decide.

Create your own fashion identity

Know who you are.  Point is you dress or groom for a reason – to look good and feel confident with your looks, to create the right impression and of course to make a fashion statement.

Do not make your fashion through the eyes of others. Stop the copycat fashion where you feel every clothes worn by a particular individual should be your choice. It doesn’t work that way.

Start by sorting out what your true body shape is, identifying the best clothes to work with and of course creating the right clothes combination to take care of both your business and social obligations.

Build your own unique brand using the right types of clothes, colours, accessories and personality. That way people will admire you when you walk by and thank God almighty for your life.

Happy weekend and I’m available for consultation.


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