21 August 2017

Sowutuom Stabbing : Nigerians Flee, Ghanaian Revenge

Some Nigerians living in Sowutuom, a suburb in the Greater Accra region, have fled the area after a Nigerian stabbed a Ghanaian to death in the community.

Following the tragic incident, there have been reports of reprisal attacks by some Ghanaian youth in the community.

The development has caused fear and panic among some Nigerians residing in the community, forcing them to flee their homes.

The victim was stabbed to death by the suspect who has been arrested by the police for further investigations.

The suspect claimed the deceased stole his mobile phone on Thursday leading to an altercation between the two. The Nigerian reportedly stabbed the Ghanaian to death in the process.

The Accra regional Police Command quickly deployed a heavy armed unit to the area on Saturday to prevent reprisal attacks.

Some residents who spoke to Starr FM’s Sefanam Agbobli warned the Nigerians who have fled the area to never return.

According to them, they will exact revenge on them, if they return to the community.

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