29 June 2017

South Sudan deports 3 undocumented Americans

The South Sudanese government has deported three American nationals over lack of possession of valid visas.

According to local media Sudan Tribune which spoke with police authorities, the three entered the country on June 20 through Kenya, and were returned on June 22.

“Their visas had not been approved, they were not tourists nor investment agents. They stayed for three days in Narus until they were returned to Kenya … Kenya was their point of entry, so they were asked to return to Kenya and they went. If they come back with legal documents, they would be welcomed,” said police spokesperson Daniel Justin.

The three, identified as Alex Jared Zweifelholfer, Craig Austin Lang and William Wright-Martinovich, are reported to have been detained in Kenya.

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Buccino from America’s 82nd Airborne Unit told Reuters that Private First Class Zwiefelhofer was absent from the 82nd without leave.

“We are working with U.S. authorities in the area to return Private First Class Alex Zwiefelhofer to U.S. military control. They are in Kenya,” he said in an email.

They were deported to Kenya, he added.

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