10 August 2017

Slydepay signs on to Citi FM’s Premier League coverage

With two days to the start of the Premier League live on Citi 97.3 FM, a new sponsor has joined the boat.

Dreamoval (Slydepay) is joining Premium Bank to partners the station’s coverage of the league which starts on August 11 with Arsenal and Leicester City being the first fixture.

Dreamoval’s Slydepay is an online platform which especially built to make life easier in relation to payment for goods and services.

CEO of Dreamoval, Derrydean Dadzie, a Chelsea fan, said that his company’s association with the Premier League was based on the fact that millions of Ghanaians love football and the high numbers in relation to the Premier League’s audience on Citi FM would give them lots of potential clients for their products.
“As a service, we try to find places where we can find value for our brand and football is very valuable to Ghanaians. Almost every Ghanaian is a coach and so, if you want to brand equity, then football is a powerful tool.

The Premier League on Citi FM gives us a very good platform for us and our products. People will be home and listen to the live coverage while using our products and services.”

He added that his company had a lot to offer listeners especially in terms of the Fantasy Premier League. Dreamoval (Slydepay) would be giving away lots of great prizes to the top managers in the Citi FM Fantasy League on a very regular basis.

Dreamoval (Slydepay) becomes the second establishment to partner Citi FM for the coverage of the 2017/2018 Premier League. Premium Bank is the other sponsor of the coverage.
The Premier League starts on August 11 with Arsenal and Leicester City playing the first match of the season.

By: Citi Sports

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