23 August 2017

Sick couple ‘caught romping with their DOG – and even filmed sick sex acts near toddler’

A COUPLE have been charged with sexual misconduct after they were accused of performing sex acts on a dog.

Shane Ogden, 38, from Macedon, New York, was initially arrested after he filmed an explicit video while his toddler was playing in the background, which he sent to a woman.

A couple has accused of having sex with a dog after police found incriminating text messages when they searched the phone of Shane Ogden, 38, from Macedon, New York

Ogden, who was first accused of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, did not touch his daughter in the video.

When police searched through his messages, they discovered texts with girlfriend Karlee Jordan, 18, where the pair described having sex with a dog.

According to police, the pair described what they had done and what they planned to do to the animal next.

Jordan admitted performing the explicit acts on a dog and Ogden was charged based upon the data collected and Jordan’s statements.

Ogden’s girlfriend Karlee Jordan, 18, admitted to the lewd acts and describing what they had done to the dog in a string of explicit text messages

The couple appeared at Macedon Court on 15 August and were released on appearance tickets.

If convicted, the pair could spent up to a year in jail and they would have to register as sex offenders.

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