06 July 2016

SIC to construct new hospital in Accra

SICThe State Insurance Company (SIC) Limited is to construct a 49-bed hospital in Accra that will offer a one-stop healthcare delivery.
The construction of the hospital, which is expected to begin in August, this year, will be named after Bob Freeman, who was the first manager of SIC Ghana.

When completed, the hospital will have a medical gas plant, medical waste processor and all the major specialised medical departments in addition to a comprehensive diagnostic centre.

The project is being constructed by Enraf Nonius, a UK-based firm, in partnership with some local construction firms.

One stop centre

At the launch of the project in Accra last Friday, the Chief Executive Officer of SIC Health Services, Dr Robert Mills, said the hospital would be equipped with high-tech equipment, including a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is used to diagnose brain tumors and heart attacks. It is also used to treat ulcers, burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

No hospital in Ghana has a hyperbaric chamber.

Dr Mills observed that one of the attributes that would distinguish the hospital from others would be the possibility for people to book appointment online.

“People can actually book for appointment online and choose the doctors they prefer to engage with,” he added.

Although he could not give the timeline for the completion of the project, Dr Mills said the hospital should start operating by the middle of 2018.

Unique structure

The General Manager of Enraf Nonius Project, Mr Rob Whitty, said the hospital would provide a wealth of experience and international standards of design, construction and project management, equipment installation and maintenance.

“The quality, focus and range of service in one centre will be unique in Ghana and rare in West Africa,” he added.

He said the hospital would have VIP and presidential wards.

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