30 July 2017

Shocking moment a suited businessman screams ‘terrorist’ at a Muslim motorcyclist in the middle of London’s Piccadilly Circus

A BRITISH Muslim recorded the vile moment he was branded a “terrorist” by a businessman in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.

Ahmed Hammad, 32, was riding through London’s West End with his Canadian pal Imran Baig when the suit-wearing pedestrian stepped out into the road and hurled the insult at them.

Ahmed Hammad was riding through London on a motorbike when he and a pal were subjected to abuse from a pedestrian
The suited pedestrian walked out into the street and shouted ‘terrorist’ at Ahmed and his pal

He told Sun Online: “I was showing my friend around London because he was visiting from Canada.

“He was very disappointed. It was very offensive. I was shocking because he looked like he was going to work.

“He looked corporate, which was shocking.”

Ahmed, who lives in Balham, South West London, recorded the whole episode on his GoPro camera as he rode the bike.

He believes the abuser became spooked after stepping out into the road without looking.

The IT specialist added: “I think he got scared after stepping out into the road and just said it.”

Married Ahmed says he reported the incident to the Met Police on Thursday.

A shocked Ahmed looks back as he realises what has been said to him

He also says he has taken the video to the office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

London has seen a steep rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes since the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge terror attacks earlier this year.

The number of incidents reported to the Met in the week following the Manchester suicide bombing increased five-fold to 139.

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