13 July 2017

SHOCKER: Romanian side cancelled Sulley Muniru’s contract because owner thinks blacks bring ‘bad luck’

Ghanaian Muniru Sulley

Ghanaian midfielder Muniru Sulley’s contract with Romanian side Steaua Bucharest was cancelled because owner Gigi Becali does not want black footballers in his team, the controversial billionaire has confirmed.

Becali has shockingly said publicly that signing black footballers brings bad luck to the former UEFA Champions League winners.

The Romanian giants parted ways with the midfielder in May after two-years into his four-year contract.

When the deal was cancelled it was thought because the Ghanaian had a clash with a team-mate at the club’s training group.

It has now been confirmed that the burst up with Florin Tanase as said by manager Nicolae Dica was the the reason but because Muniru is black.

This summer the owner refused to bring a footballer exclusively because of the player’s skin color.

GSP sources claim that head coach had decided on a central defender, but when they presented him to Gigi they had a shocking response: “He’s black, I do not want blacks in the team. If they come, they only bring bad luck. “

Becali could not be persuaded in any way, and the manager had to accept the situation.

The owner who is known for his controversial ways also confirmed in public that the main reason he sacked the brother of Sulley Muntari is because he is not white.

“Muniru had behavioral problems, he jumped with his fists and legs on a player. I got rid of him, I do not need any more color players,” Becali said.


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