25 July 2017

Shatta Wale Can Buy 60 Thousand Dollars Rolex Watch But Can’t Buy A Small Plot for Shatta Michy to Run Her Business On?


Shatta Michy

Officers from Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) were at Shatta Michy’s Diamond’s Pub last week to break it down for having placed her structure wherever she wanted without a permit–a breach of the law.

She begged the officers at the scene and she was given a week to vacate the place or face demolition.

Michy whose boyfriend and baby father-Shatta Wale recently claimed to have bought a Rolex watch for 60,000 dollars but cannot seem to buy a small plot of land for Michy to run her business on has taken to social media to lash out officers at the AMA–instead of gathering her things to run off.

In a Facebook post, she suggested that because she’s a young 24-year-old setting up a business, the AMA should just allow her to operate wherever she wishes.

What is being 24 years old got to do with breaking the law?

A few days ago in the UK, a “five-year-old girl was given a £150 fine for setting up a homemade lemonade stall close to her home” without a permit.

That’s 150 fine for a 5-year-old–and grown ass Michy says she should be left alone to do whatever she wants because she is just 24 years old.

“It’s only In Ghana that a young lady would try to do something for herself , encourage other young ladies to do same no matter how small & she ends up being fought from all angles. Stronger forever,” she wrote.

She added: “I’m 24, I have my businesses , my education, my wonderful family, & im grinding still, there’s money to be made on these streets & nothing will stop me and my fellow young ladies who are willing to make it out here. You can’t break me . Try something else”

She should rather be upset that Wale is wasting money on Rolex watches and cannot get her a place of her own to run her business.




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