05 August 2017

Shatta Wale Accuses Sarkodie of Being ‘Arrogant’ | Music

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has accused his friend and fellow artsite Sarkodie of being arrogant towards his fans.

According to the “Ayoo” hit maker some fans of Sarkodie told him that Sark refused to take a ‘selfie’ with a fan who approached him for a ‘selfie’ while in traffic.

The dancehall King as part of his media tour was on an Accra-based Okay FM told Abeiku Santana on Friday, August 4, 2017 that he has received lots of ‘bad mouths’ about his fellow musicians and how they are indifferent towards to fans.

Although Shatta Wale was not ready to mention any name, the host – Abeiku Santana pushed him to the wall, forcing a name out of his mouth.

Shatta Wale confirmed to Abeiku Santana that Sarkodie has refused to grant a fan’s request for a ‘selfie’ with him at stacked in huge traffic in town.

“I really understand and feel their pain, because they are not getting any artiste that understand them, recently I heard a rumor about an artiste that refused to take a selfie with a fan, yes Sarkodie, and I felt bad about it”, he said.

Shatta Wale condemns that act and advised Sarkodie to learn how to get one on one with his fans and not to be bossy over them, adding that it is the hawkers on the streets, market women and ordinary people are those who make them and raise them to where they are now, so it is very important to grant fans audience when they approach them. 

According Shatta Wale, even if he meet a mechanics and they wants to hug him with their dirty cloths, he will allow them because he has enough money to buy another one if they make dirty.  


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