Settle feeding grant arrears – Concerned teachers to gov’t

Settle feeding grant arrearsThe Coalition of Concerned teachers (CCT) has urged government to, as a matter of urgency, settle all feeding grant arrears owed some schools in the three regions of the North or face the consequence at the polls.

Government’s delay in releasing the feeding grants initially forced the closure of many public schools in the three Northern regions in June.

In the Northern region however, authorities have reopened the schools despite reports that the schools are yet to receive payment from the government.

Speaking at a press briefing in Accra yesterday [Thursday], the acting President of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ali Awudu, said the group threatened to vote the Governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) out of power if it does not pay the arrears immediately.

“We are sending a strong word of caution to the government to beware that if they are not careful in this dying moment where Ghana is getting ready to decide, we will decide in the opposite direction,” he declared.

Mr. Awudu further suggested government re-introduce fee paying if they could not handle a system of free boarding education.

“If government thinks that they can no longer foot the bill of the free boarding system in the three boarding schools, they should be bold enough to say that they should pay fees rather than the fact that they don’t sent the money for the feeding grant.”

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