The sale of the 5million litres of off-spec fuel generated loud media discussions, compelling the Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko to set up a committee to investigate the circumstances under which the fuel was contaminated and later sold.

Senyo Hosi was listed as a member of the committee but this appeared to irk the irrepressible MP who claimed that the boss of the BDCs was not qualified to be on the investigative committee on grounds that he had an interest and had tried to bribe his way to procure the fuel.

Afia Akoto’s offence is that he repeated the MP’s claims on her Facebook wall.

But Senyo Hosi insists the claims have no basis and “were actuated by malice aforethought and intended to cause maximum damage and hurt to [his] reputation.”

In his case before the court, he said, the “Defendants have caused grave damage to [his] reputation, as right-thinking people have, in spite of [his] denial, continued to rely on [the] comments pour scorn on him among others holding him as a criminal/criminally-minded individual and not-trustworthy.”

He wants the court to order an unconditional retraction of the claims against him; an injunction against a repeat of the allegations; as well as General and “aggravated or exemplary damages for the malicious defamation.”