15 July 2017

See the dramatic moment Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to welcome Spanish tax authorities who raided his yacht

THIS is the dramatic moment Cristiano Ronaldo’s super yacht was raided by Spanish custom officers.

The Real Madrid superstar was enjoying a meal in a restaurant when tax officials boarded the boat demanding to see documentation from those on board. 

Cristiano Ronaldo looked relaxed as Custom Officers boarded the yacht
The Mega Agency
The officials where taking part in ‘routine checks’ that are carried out every summer
The Mega Agency

Ronaldo paced back to the yacht where he met the authorities who were undergoing a ‘routine check.’

Hola.com report the customs officers demanded to see paperwork — but one of his family members took care of the situation.

And a Spanish Tax Agency spokesman confirmed the inspection was nothing out of the ordinary.

He said: “It formed part of routine checks on vessels that are carried out every summer in different parts of Spain including the Balearic Islands.

“It doesn’t affect the users of the vessels but their owners or the charter firms if they are rented out.

“These inspections involve the requesting of different documentation for the purpose of varying fiscal checks, especially regarding the possibility that the exemption on registration tax is incorrectly applied.

Cristiano Ronaldo was eating at a local restaurant when they arrived
The Mega Agency
Cristiano Ronaldo has been in trouble for tax fraud in Spain
The Mega Agency

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Cristiano Ronaldo has crystallised boots made to commemorate his time in England and Spain

“That exemption can be applied if the vessel is actually being rented out, but not if it’s not being rented.”

The search lasted around and 90 minutes and was filmed by an agent.

Ronaldo was charged with defrauding the Spanish government of £13million.

On the back of that, he threatened to quit Real Madrid over a lack of protection following the incident.

However, he now seems content to stay.

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