06 June 2016

SDA holds remembrance service for June 3 victims

Seventh Day Adventist ChurchThe Seventh-Day Adventist Church (SDA) at the Ringway Estate in Accra, has held a memorial service for the June 3, 2015 flood and fire disaster victims.

It was part of the one year Remembrance Day of the worst disaster in Ghana, with a death toll of 150 people with a number injured victims.

Reverend Dr Seth Laryea, the Officiating Pastor of the church prayed to the Lord to change the hearts of Ghanaians towards the creation of filth, which had become a great challenge to the country.

He said: “Never again should we contribute to such a situation in our country by abusing the environment,” and asked the citizenry to take much lessons from the June 3 disaster.

Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive, who graced the occasion, said it is about time the citizens change their attitude towards the environment to ensure good sanitation.

He called on the churches to encourage their members to attach special importance to environmental sanitation so as to minimise flooding.

“The churches should endeavour to mobilise their members to offer periodic communal labour in their communities to improve sanitation,” Dr Vanderpuije advised.

He said: “The only solution to attain a flood-free society is about the people changing their old ways of indiscriminate littering and dumping of refuse into drains.”

He appealed to all and sundry, to be more proactive to the current unhealthy practices against the environment to avoid diseases and loss of property.

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