29 July 2017

Sammy Adjei Has To Build More Public Toilets Across Accra – Says A Plus


A Plus has jumped to the defence of former Black Star goalie Sammy Adjei, who has opened a public toilet facility in Labadi in Accra.

Whilst some have made fun of Adjei for how he has ended up after an estimable career, A Plus has defended the goalie, saying such an investment is much better than being an armed robber or ending up as a beggar.

He also observed that using a place of convenience is something everyone has to use and thus will never run out of demand.

The rapper, born Kwame Asare Obeng, wrote on Facebook in response to the ridicule Adjei is suffering: “It’s Better than stealing or begging on the streets. He has to build more of them all over Accra. People for sh*t charley.”

As we reported earlier today, the former Black Stars and Hearts of Oak player has erected a public toilet in Labadi, which provides him with a steady stream of income in his post soccer days.

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